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Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies

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The series Ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, issued by the Department of Ancient History, the University of Pécs and the Publisher L'Harmattan (Hungary), will be devoted to questions of social, economic and cultural connections between the Ancient Near East and the Mediterranean, from the beginnings of mankind down to the Islamic expansion. ANEMS will attempt to approach its subject matter from the most varied point of views, embracing historical, linguistic and archaeological disciplines alike, covering all the areas and historical periods of the Ancient Near East (including Ancient Egypt) and the Mediterranean.


Series editors: Zoltán Csabai and Tibor Grüll. 


The items of the series are purchasable at the publisher L'Harmattan Hungary:




ANEMS 1: From Elephantine to Babylon. Selected Studies of Péter Vargyas on Ancient Near Eastern Economy. (2010)


ANEMS 2: Studies in Economic and Social History of the Ancient Near East in Memory of Péter Vargyas. (2014)


ANEMS 3: Mobility and Transfer. Studies on Ancient Economy. (2018)